Why chose Grass-Fed Beef?

Eat On Grass-fed beef is certified by the American Grassfed Association (AGA). AGA defines grassfed animals as those that have only consumed grass and forage from weaning to harvest, have not been raised in confinement, and have never been feed antibiotics or growth hormones. Additionally, all AGA certified ranches ensure that the farm raises their beef in the U.S.A

What are the health benefits of Grassfed Beef :

*Grass-fed meat is lean, contains high percentage of good fats such as Omega 3’s and full of antoxidants, vitamins, and minerals (AGA).

*AGA requires all ranchers to employ a sustainable management designed to enhance land, water, and air quality.

*All cattle at Eat On Ranches follow rotational grazing to best benefit the land and cattle.

Our ranch management style is a holistic approach providing the best benefit to the land, cattle, and the wildlife.

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