A little history…

Wesley grew up around the ranching industry since he was a young child in Eastern New Mexico. He raised cattle alongside his dad and brother and worked at neighboring ranches. Wesley graduated from Clarendon College with an associates in Ranch and Feedlot operations, he then moved to Las Cruces and is a proud New Mexico State University Mechanical Engineering Alumni. Wesley started ranching full time in 2014 where he focuses on holistic ranching. Wesley’s wife, Elizabeth works full time in town but works on the ranch on the weekends with Wesley and his daughter Briley. The Eaton’s make ranching a family affair and pride themselves on being able to brand a group of calves with just the 3 of them.

All of the beef you buy from Eat On Beef is born and raised on the Eaton Ranch. This ensures our consumers are eating hormone and antibiotic free beef.

All of our Grass-Fed beef is nationally certified by American Grassfed Association. Our All Natural Beef is finished on the ranch with grain to provide beef with a little more fat…you choose what you prefer!

Our family…

We would love to meet you and tell you more about our ranch and beef!

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