Grain Finished Meat Package Options

Once you make a purchase, you will be contacted via email within 24 hours to schedule a drop off that works with your schedule if you are within Dona Ana County. If you live outside of Dona Ana County, please email us at to discuss delivery/shipping options.

Hamburger Special

10 Pounds of Hamburger Meat in 1 Pound Packages.


Grilling with the Family

1 Pack of Beef Short Ribs, 2 Beef Rib Steak, 2 NY Steak, 5 pounds of hamburger meat.


Hamburger Grande

20 Pounds of Hamburger Meat in 1 pound packages.


Brisket and Hamburger Package

1 tasty brisket and 5 pounds of hamburger meat.


Steak Package

4 T-Bones 4 Rib Steaks (Approximately 3/4-1.5 pound each) PLUS 5 pounds hamburger meat (1lb packages)


Rib Steak Package

4 Beef Rib Steaks, 4 NY Steaks, 2 Pounds Hamburger Meat.


Individual Purchase Options


3-4 Pound Brisket Packages


Beef Short Ribs

2 Pound Packages


New York Strip Steak

.75 to 1 Pound Packages


Beef Rib Steak

1 Pound Packages


Skirt Steak

1 Pound Packages


Ox Tail

1.8 Pound Packages


Sirloin Steaks

.8 to 1.4 Pound Packages


Beef Tenderloins

.6 to 1 Pound Packages


Beef Bone

2 Pound Packages


Round Steak

.375 to 1.25


Sirloin Tip Roast

2.5 Pound Packages


Rump Roast

2.5 Pound Packages


Beef Chuck Roast

2.5 Pound Packages


T-Bone Steaks

.75 to 1.5 pound packages


Quarter and Half Beef Purchases

Interested in a bulk meat purchase? Buy a whole or half a beef and select your cuts of meat! Please contact us via email at to order a half or whole beef!

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